How to create a voter Id card,how to apply voter ID card online

We all know about the voter card in India, but what the importance of voter card in India is.
Voter card is not only to vote but it is the identification for the people of India. It is our responsibility to vote and we can vote independently for whomever we want. But apart from this, there is many more work in which voter card is needed. In this post, we will tell how to apply online for a voter card.

The question arises in your mind that if their any fee or payment will be made for online application. Let me clarify that in order to apply the online voter card no fee will be charged from you, it is absolutely free service.

The voter card (identity card) is issued by the Election Commission of India.This is the government identification proof.its work in the smallest and bigger work of Identity Proof for our own. 
The Voter Card is applicable to them whose age is 18 years / more. If you are not 18 years old then no problem. You can apply online for your family members, friends too. You will also learn from this. In the below, I will explain in full details how to create a Voter Card, how to apply online.

How to make Voter Card?

We can make Voter card / Identity card in 2 ways

1   1. Apply online from website.

2   2. Visit the voter card registration office or the epic center.

If you applying for a voter card by visiting the voter card registration office / epic center so you will get the form from the office there is no charges.But you must stay on the line. That's why I think you must sit at home and apply yourself. And careful about doing mistake on voter card.

Full guide on how to apply online voter card?

To apply online Voter card you will need to go to After visiting their website, you will have to go to apply online for registration of new voter as shown below.

So let's move forward. After clicking on it, Form no-6 will open.It has been explained on the photo by the numbers. And the details given below now read all carefully and fill the form correctly.

1.   1. Select state

2.   2. Select Assembly / Parliamentary Constituency.

3.   3. Filled name correctly with spelling.

4.   4. Select gender

5.   5.Put your Date of birth if you know otherwise choose the option above and enter the age what you have.

6.    6.Select state.

7.    7.Select district.

8.    8.Father's/Mother's/ Husband's Name by viewing the spelling.

9.    9.What is the relation choose it.

1    10.Enter the complete address. You do not have to be bothered at all any   complete
      address you know it filled in its place. And it is compulsory to fill in where Red (*) is giving an indication. Do not leave it blank. Need to know the status of your voter card then don’t forget fill the mobile no.

1    11.If your parents / husband had their voter card, then put the details, part no, serial no. To get them out.Check your voter card details  ← 

1    12.Your photograph and the photo size should be below 100kb, put your passport size photo.

1    13. Identity Proof: Upload your Aadhar card or upload any identity approved by government. Eg - government institution / school ID card, 10th certificate, pan card, licence etc.

1   14.  Address Proof In this you can add electricity bill, ration card, and telephone bill, or any type of address proof.

1   15.  Read IV Declaration properly. And has being asked how long you have lived in your address. If you do not know then you should ask your family members.

1   16.  In this you will add name your place.

1   17 . Date In this, when you are filling this form give the date.

1   18 . Submit – if your form is completely filled then once you checked it if there is no mistakes then SUBMIT it.

After submitting the form, you will get a reference Print that page or save it. For verification of the voter card, their officers may call you or come to your home for verification. It can take about 15 to 20 days. In government work little bit of time is taken you know it well.Check Application Status 

After verification, your voter card may be come after 10 days by post at your home or you will have to go to their office. It takes little time in government work. So wait it you will get the message on your mobile number of your status.

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