How to do cheap and smart online shopping

The trending of online shopping is increasing day by day.Ecommerce website are lunche in every other day.people believed in online market more then offline market. 
Everyone shopping from the internet, but today I will tell you how to do smart online shopping? Smart shopping is what which makes you more profitable.Hello friends one smile is needed, Because, after reading the article today, you will save more  money from online shopping and where money is saved, it will be cheap shopping.

How to do cheap and smart online shopping
Nowadays boys and girls became crazy for  online shopping.Because in online shop I mean shopping site like amazon,flipkart myntra,snapdeal,paytm this type of shopping site we get the things in cheap rate That's why we shop, but that you think is cheap but it can be even cheaper,Now your brain must have questioned how? Let's tell you how to shop cheap and smart online shopping.

How to do cheap and smart online shopping

Smart online shopping saves your time along with your money. By following the information given below, you can become a smart buyers.

1 1.  Check 3 to 4 websites before shopping online

First of all any stuffs like electronic,cloths,fashion,beauty product footwear,books,daily needs,home or kitchen stuffs,sports or health stuff,stationery or babies stuffs go through different different website and compare it ,shopping from one website You will know that you are buying the things in cheap  rate or in expensive price,so the 3-4 shopping websites or even more website price and  offer look at where you get the cheap things and buy cheap which you will also get cheap things and will save your money, From this you will be able to shop for cheap online shopping.
.Go to the website like, you can easily compare the price of any item.

    2.    Use of coupon code expensive will become cheaper too.

This is the kind of way to make cheap price of goods on online shopping sites, these coupon codes are made from a combination of type and number of characters,they are also called promo codes or discount codes.These promo code coupon codes,discount codes.While using these promo codes coupon code discount codes online shopping, your prices will be more cheaper by  using them that means it will be cheaper.
.Now there will be a question in your mind that from where this coupen are available, let's tell you there are some sites like,,, you will find coupons of different shopping sites for every hour,everyday,every month,you can also use it to make your things cheaper or you may get some cashback.I mean you have the advantage most of the time and you will get some discount.
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3.Discount offer

.You will get to see discount offer like (10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% in every sites, And the surprise thing is that in online site of each and every site in every product their will be the word discount.All this is the trap of marketing but this is also a way for buying cheap product,but do not forget to compare different sites remember this.After viewing discount on online shopping you will get definitely get the cheap product.Let me tell you the science of hidden discount behind it, Let's take a look at an example. It is a jeans, its original price is 500, but if we have written such MRP rs 1000 and 50% off would mean that 500 did not happen.But we see 50% of big big words and we buy jeans.But if you want to buy cheap online shopping then look at both the offline shops and sites at prices and see what prices are going on.
.These 50% 30% discount is a kind of online sale price
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4. At the time of the festival and season, cheap product are available

If you do not have an emergency and money is to be saved then you have to wait for the season like summer,winter, festival like holi, diwali,rakhi,pongal,republic day,independence day,new year,xmas These days they have a special discount if you shop in these days you will get cheaper stuff.

5. Can take advantage of cashback

This is a different kind of online and along with it you will be able to shop online for a few cashbacks, or you will get your account in your shopping sites. A very good example of this is Paytm, If you shop from paytm, then if 50% is cashback and the price of the goods is 500 then 250 will be in your paytm wallet You can do it again for its free recharging or for shopping. In this you will also get a discount and cashback, then it is an cheap online shopping.

6. Use of credit card and debit card

.If you want to do cheap online shopping then use debit card and credit card this will give you shopping points and a good discount.
. Nowadays, the bank leaves 10% Extra Off on debit Cards, 20% Extra Off on Axis Bank, on the Online Shopping Site, to please its account holder, Anything done with this bank, you just need cheap online shopping.
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7. These days like Flash sale,

Happy Hour Sale, Weekly sale, Monthly sale, Daily sale, I will get  much more cheap product, this is my most preferred shopping. 
In this you can buy mobile, tab in cheap rate.Time is very precious in flash sale.Inthese sale  they already have a lot of discount on your stuffs hence you will have 5 to 10 minute and in happy hour in between few hour you have to place your order otherwise the order will be out of stock.

My final decision

Friends, your online shopping will be cheap and smart from today. Because today we have told you about how to shop smart onlineMaybe you do not know if you shop online, in the way given above, your shopping will be cheap, If you want to give a comment and like it, please also subscribe to it. If there is still any doubt then you can ask me by comment or by mailing me, jai hind, thank you.

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