How to fill online forms

Any online form how to apply and where to do is done full guide in this post.If you want to know how to fill a form for government job, or private job or other job, then fill this post carefully. I have told simple trick about applying online forms in any field, By which you can fill out any form by sitting and applying.

How to fill online forms

As you know, at this time there is a time of internet,All work is going online.If you talk about form, it is very important to apply online now for all types of jobs or education.Your application will not be accepted without online application, it has became mandatory for most jobs.So lets us find the answers to some of the questions that are most asked.

Question-1:-can we really fill the online form?

Ans-Yes we can, most people today can apply any form by themselves at sitting at home.

 Question-2:-Can we apply online form from mobile also?

Ans-Yes you can but for that you have a big screen android mobile.

Before knowing about how to apply online form, know about its profits.
Benefits of applying online form
If you want to know about benefit of applying online form, then let me tell you one by one.
1    1-  If you know how to apply your online form, you do not need to go anywhere to fill the form.
2-    Apply online by filling your form whenever you want.
3-    Your money is saved.I meant to say when you do any online application from any other.then your fee is 60-7Rs.If you fill out the form yourself, then yo do have to pay extra money.
4-    Your time is saved,you will be knowing that if you are going for applying a job, Then a long line is involved,such a way you time is waste but by applying yourself your time is saved.

Now you may have learned about its benefits, so let's know about what needs to be done before applying.
What do you need to apply online form?
You must have some necessary things to apply for online form, which I have mentioned below.

1-Computer or smartphone

You must know how much it is necessary to have a computer or an android mobile to apply any online form. Any form can be filled by pc or smartphon.

2-Fast internet connection

Internet connection is most important to fill online forms. Even if you have an internet connection with a slow server, you will not be able to apply online form so fast internet connection should be done.

3-Gmail ID

All you need to know about the Gmail id, online if you will do any work you need an email id. Whether to apply the form or any other work. You have to create an account to apply the form to any site, you can create this account from any email id.


In mostly private jobs require resume. In which you have complete information like - Name, Fathers Name, Aditional Qulification, Permanent Address, Experiance etc. It has to be mailed online to a site or to a company employee's email.

5-Adhar card

Anyone who fill the online form they need a adhar cardnumber. This time it has become mandatory, so keep the Aadhar card or note its number. To download the Aadhar Card, click here to read the post.


Often, when you apply online or offline for any government job, you need an educational documents according to the job, which you keep the photocopy for yourself. You can do this by visiting any online form application shop and keeping a scan in your mobile.


To fill out the form, a passport size photo is required, with your signature. You should also save yourself by scanning it. You can also scan it online, you will get a lot of app and website. Image should not be old You must change it according to the need.

If all the above mentioned material is available to you, then let us know how to apply online form.

How to fill online form

Filling the online form is very easy, just because you do not have knowledge about it, it seems to be a very big factor. Dont: Worry I have told you about any application in this content that is applicable.
Friends to apply any online form you should first learn how to visit the right website, where and how you can fill your form by visiting the site.
Here we are talking about some such site where you can apply for any government and privet job. Like - ssc, upsc, Indian army, ralway, bank, up polic, anything, you can see form apply and result too. So let's go to the site where we fill any of our online forms.
Sarkari This is a site where you can apply online for any job.
First click on the link and open the website in your browser.

Then click on the job or result you want to view then apply. As you see down the screenshot, you are seeing many job options.

Now starting from here starts the journey to fill your online form, you should know that there are 4 - 6 steps to apply any form online. May be more or less. But here I am telling about some such steps which are necessary for all the online forms to be applied.
Fill out the online form

1- First go to the site and create your account profile.

2- Fill your details. Upload photos too.

3- Pay any fees. You can do this with debit / credit card.

4- After remitting the last, take out the printout or download it.

Congratulation ! Now you have learned to apply by filling out the online form. If any problems arise, you can ask your question by commenting.

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