How to Make Online Business with Amazon

In this article today I will tell you how to make online business with amazon or how to open seller account on amazon, we will give full information on this topic it will help you to sell your thing on amazon.
How to Make Online Business with Amazon

Whether you want to expand your company's sales or get rid of some things around the house, selling on amazon is an easy process, start it by creating account and add all important information.Add product entries and choose that do you want to send product to yourself, Or want to use complete by Amazon. Once everything is set up, you are ready to make your first sale.

Amazon is an American electronic commercial and cloud computing company, which is situated in Seattle, Washington.

Which was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Amazon is the world largest retail and market capitalization measured by retailers, and in the terms of sales alibaba group is the second largest is a website it was started as an online book store and later diversified to sell video downloads / streaming, MP3 downloads / streaming, audio book downloads / streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics-Kindle e-readers, Fire Tablets, Fire TVs, and Eco-and is the world's largest provider of Cloud Infrastructure Services (IAS and PAs).Amazon also sells some low end product under its in-house brand amazon basics.Amazon had different different retail website for United states,United kingdom or 


Netherland,Australia,brazil,Japan,China,India and Maxico.In 2016 the dutch,polish and turkish version of language was launched in German Amazon website.Amazon also provide their product in  some other countries on international shipping.

Why to start selling on Amazon?

A Huge potential for sales

Size of Amazon addressable audience is very clear and profitable, but still it is noticeable.when you give your list on amazon, you have already fix customer.
According to spokesman of Amazon Eric Fairleigh, on this site more than 2 million sellers are from worldwide, who have sold more than 2 billion in 2014.In fact, more then 40 percent of product are sold by independent sellers through amazon platform on amazon. Fairleigh says that when they sell their product on amazon, the seller can reach hundreds of lakhs of online customers.
Earn Repeat business Without Advertising

Standalone ecommerce sites (shopify and woocommerce are good examples) known by consumers and they exist.But spendinmg thousands of doller in advertisement, but amazon has in built customer in the basis that standalone site never matches, and fairlegh says that amazon seller get repeat customer,especially when they give special customer service.
No need to pack and ship your own orders

Amazon makes easy for those sellers who do not want to worry about their packing and shipping of their product.Fulfillment provided through amazon (FBI), at one time fairlegh point was a money saver, because amazon handles all storage,packing and shipping(including free shipping for Amazon Prime members).FBI well organized the international exports,returns and customer service.
Fairlegh gives example of a study of America amazon seller in 2014, in which 71 percent of FBI seller says that after involving in this program his unit sales increased upto 20 percent.
Good Bank-End support

Amazon back-end infrastructure inventory tracking, credit card processing and sales tax collection (But sales tax filing) provide everything important for business.Which can be very heavy in many jurisdiction while selling(if you are currently running a standalone Ecommerce site and they useAvalara's automated tax compliance software now you already understood how important it is)
Unsolicited Referrals

Amazon algorithm allow customer to see the list of recommended product on the site, and your production can attract the customer attention, even they are not finding you.Other than this amazon have huge network of associates, The People who can point to the  products based on the characteristics of Amazon advertisment on their products.

Lots of Allowances

When we asked fairleigh why amazon should win the competition for the best site for seller, they have assured to amazon sellers, such as giving their customers a familiar, trustworthy, shopping experience.Amazon world-class supply resources and reach upto expertise;Option is to acclaimed customer service; And trustworthy shipping. They have more than 40 categories (especially with amazon handmade and through the medium of handmade things) to make list of product they give capability of reference to sellers.They use free reporting and analysis tools, and take advantage of shipping rates.

How to Become an Amazon Seller

To become a seller in amazon India, go to the amazon India signup page and start processing registration by now clicking the registration button.During resgistration process, business unit name,address and phone number must be provided.
Business unit name

It is highly recommended that any online eCommerce portal should be done through limited partnership or by private limited company or any person company, because it’s easy to start this organizations and its provide limited liability protection.Through selling eCommerce portal online, promoter of any business and due to many issues they can open their litigation or responsibility for customer/sellers, and therefore limited liability security is limited.If you are selling through registered business unit(LLP or company) then enter the unit name here,otherwise enter the owner”s name.
Address and Phone Number

Provide the registered office address or address of the place of business in the place provided.It can be provided phone number or mobile number, because their will be verification required from sms or voice call.

GST Registration Information

Under GST the seller who sell their product or books which not covered they does not required GST registration. For all other sellers and selling any of the GST products, the GST number must be submitted for sale on Amazon India.
Bank account related information
To complete the amazon India partner registration process,the following information related to business bank account should be submitted to amazon India.
.Account holder name
.Bank ifsc code
.Bank account number
.Type of account
Once above information is given the amazon India and one compulsory amazon partner quiz is completed; now you can start selling on amazon India.List of products and detail information of list of listing is available through amazon India seller dashboard.


I hope you like these articles on how to do online business through amazon after reading these I think you get all information,if still you have any confusion then contact us from our website.

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