How to register for IGNOU Online Admission

Hello friends, if you are thinking of registering IGNOU online admission and if you want to know how it is done then you have come to the right place because today I am going to tell you how you can register for IGNOU online admission.

In the whole process of IGNOU online admission we have to go through the 2 stages.


          1.Registration for IGNOU online admission and

 2. IGNOU Online Admission Main Process

In its first stage, we have to first register for IGNOU Online Admission.After registration we get the username and password, with the help of this username and password, We can do all the activities related to IGNOU Online admission.
In this post, I am going to tell you the complete process for registration of IGNOU online read this post full.

How to register for IGNOU Online Admission?

To register for IGNOU online admission, follow the steps given below.

 First of all, go to IGNOU ke Official website
After going to this website, in the menu bar, you will get the option register online then go to it.
After going to register online so more option will be opened out of this you have to click in the online admission option.

Now you will reach the page of IGNOU online admission page.You can click this link  and can go direct to the page. Now in the right side of this page you will find Register yourself option then click on it.

Once you click on the option of Register Yourself, a"Student Registration Form" will open in front of you.Now in this form you have fill your details.

IGNOU Online Admission Student Registration Form

     1.   Name of the applicant: - In this write the full name of the student who want to take the admission in IGNOU.

     2.  Father’s Name: - In it write your father full name If you want to the someone else name at the place of Father's name, then by clicking "Father's", select their relation and write their name in the box.
    3.   Date of Birth: - In front of this box there is a mark of calendar, click on it and select your date of birth.

    4.  Gender: - In it select your gender.

   5. Email: - In this box enter your valid Email id. In here enter your only valid Email id because IGNOU will send you any new updates in your Email id and it is very much useful in your future.

   6. Mobile no: - In this box enter your mobile no.

  7.  Username: -In it you have to take a Username according to you, your username should be very unique, only then will you get that username.After typing your username you can know whether your Username is available by clicking on the button "Check" on the right side of it.

   8.   Password: -You have to enter you password in this box. Your password should be 4 to 16 characters in this Alphabet (a to z) and Number (1 to 9) must be their then only it will be accepted.

    9.   Confirm password: - In this box the above password is filled you have to fill same to same.
After this, fill the Security Code with the same number same to same.if you have filled something wrong in this form, you can fill this form again by clicking the "Reset" button at the bottom.

After filling all information check it one time and then click in the submit button down below.
After clicking on the submit button you will come to the Welcome Page, in which your Name, Father’s Name, Mobile number and Username will be written.Its means your registration for IGNOU online admission is completed.

After your registration is completed, you will get a Mail in your Email id from IGNOU, Which includes your Username and Password.

NOTE: - This Username and Passwordwill require you for every single task so remember it well or write it down somewhere so that you do not forget it.

Now you are completely ready for taking online admission in IGNOU.

Now I hope you have understood the process of registration for IGNOU Online admission and now you will be able to register for IGNOU Online admission itself.

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