How to apply PAN card online

How to apply PAN card online? How to find online PAN card? Friends, you might need pan card many times.If you do not have a PAN card, then today we will tell you about submitting online application for PAN card while sitting at home. You have been asked to download the PAN card online status of the NSDL website, download and print the PAN card copy. You can get a duplicate pan card online. We know how to apply PAN card online.

What is a PAN card?

We believe that the PAN card is not required only for the Government Employee, It is not so. Government is going to make PAN card necessary for many purposes. PAN card is a unique identity card; this is called Permanent Account Number. PAN card has become very important in any kind of financial transaction. PAN card is an alphanumeric 10 digit number, which is provided from the Income Tax Department. This process is done by the Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT.
In the coming days, PAN card like Aadhaar card is also going to create an Impact Document for all Indians. If you do not have one, then apply PAN card online today.
How to apply online PAN card
.Visit Income Tex Website NSDL
.Submit your details
.Submit Guidelines
.Add your personal details
.contact and other details
.Submit your pan application documents
.Mode of payment
.Submit Acknowledgement slips with documents
Visit Income Tex Website NSDL
First of all, for the online payment card, go to the PAN card website. Here you have to add your details.

1    1.Select the Pan Card-Indian Citizen (Form 49A) in the application type.
      2.Select individual in category.
      3.Add Last name/surname, First name, middle name.
      4.Add Dirth of Birth (DD/MM/YY) Email ID, Mobile Number.
      5.Enter the captcha code and submit it.
      6.Clicking on the submit option will give you the notification message in the new page. There will be a token number of the PAN card application, write it down and write it down.


If you have any problem in the PAN card online application, then you will be able to submit the same application again with this token number.
     7. Now click on Continue with Pan Application Form.
Submit your details - PAN card online apply
Now you have to add your details in 5 steps. In the new page you will see all the steps, fill all steps one by one.
Step: 1 Guideline
      1.First of all enter your Aadhar card number. Do not have Aadhaar card, and then leave it blank.


If the Aadhaar card is there, then only add that as the application will not have to be physically submitted, No more documents will be needed.
      2.  In full name of applicant add your Name, surname, middle name.
      3. Add what you want to name in the PAN card.
      4.   Select Date of Birth and Gender.

Step: 2 Details of parents

Now you have to add the details of Parents (Mother-Father) details for online PAN Card Apply.
     1. Have you ever known by other name select NO.
     2. Whose information do you want to add? (Mother-Father) Select
     3. In the Details of Parents you can add Mother / Father Surname, First Name, Last Name.
     4.Click on next.

Step: 3 Personal details

   1.   Select your income source in Source of Income.
   2. Select Residence in Address of Communication.
   3. Add your home address properly to the residence address.
   4. Add the same home address in the office address.
   5.   Add telephone number, Email id.
   6. Select the representative assess no.
   7. Click on next.

Step: 4 Contact and other details.

Now you have come to step 4 of online PAN card application. Here you have to select your address location area.
    1. To select area code, AO type, range code and AO no. Of the details, select Indian Citizen in "From help on and code, Select from the following
     2. Select state and city
     3.Select the area of your city where you live, select the Area Code, AO No. Details will be added.
     4. At last click on next.
Step: 5 submit your PAN application documents
You get 3 options for submitting documents for online PAN card.
    1.Submitting the application through the posts in all the documents together.
    2.Scanning documents by sending (this option is not available multiple times)
    3.Verify the Aadhaar card and submit it online.
Select the easiest that you choose from these 3 options, submitting documents from Aadhar card is the best option, then follow this step later.
1  1.Select the documents that you want to give as Proof of Identity, Address and Date of Birth. You can select the Aadhar in all of them.
     2.In this option, you do not have to do anything.
     3.Add place and date.
     4.Click on submit.
After clicking submits, you will see all the steps again. You have to see that there is no mistake,

Then click on the Proceed (if any mistake, click on edit)
Online pan card mode of payment
After submitting the form, now you have to pay RS 107 in the next screen. You can make payments online with internet banking, debit card and demand draft. After successful payment, you will be given an acknowledgement slip.
     1.Cick in the processed payment, click on pay confirm.
     2.Click on Continue after payment receipt.
Submit Acknowledgement slip with document
After submitting PAN card online application, make payment. You will then be provided an Acknowledgment slip-form. Download this, visit your nearest PAN card center with Identity and Address Proof and submit it. Click here for your PAN Card Center information.

PAN card status- How to check Inquiry?

After applying Pan Card online, you can inquire- you track in which process of your PAN card is in, how long will it be available? If you do not get PAN on time, then you can check what happened.
     1. Click the PAN card status check website.
     2. Select application type
     3. Insert 15-Digit Acknowledgment Number. Or the Acknowledgment Number forgot - If you do not remember then.
      4.Click on the Name and the date to add the submit or, you can track your application through SMS too.SMS ‘NSDL PAN 15 digit’to 57575
In this way you can check online PAN card status.

How long will get PAN card?

If you have successfully applied online PAN card. Have paid if you have submitted the document, then you should get PAN card in 1 month. If you live in some villages, then it may take some days.

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