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Learn how to make cashless online payments

Fighting against the corruption in our country our Prime Minister Narendra modi has announced to banned the 500 and 1000 rupees old notes. Since then, people have been facing many problems due to lack of money.while facing the problem of cash now people are taking support of online payment,debit card,credit card,rupay card,E-wallet,and different mobile app like paytm,freecharge etc. Now it is important to know how to use all these tools now.
In such a way, we are going to tell you those countries names, at today time cash in their country and the transaction is nominal.The entire economy is completely cashless, because of this corruption in there country are completely in control.
Top 5 cashless countries
Let's know those 5 countries of the world that are considered Top 5 Cashless Countries in Cashless Payment. 

      1.  Sweden-97%cashless

In Sweden, 3% is paid in Currency only, but other payments are done in a variety of online ways.

    2.  Belgium-93%cashless

Belgium is the 2nd place in the world in cashless payment

    3.   French-92%cashless

France is also a fast growing country in terms of cashless payments with its technical support and is third in cashless payment and online payment.

    4.   Canada-90%cashless

After France Canada is in 4thplace in cashless in payment

    5.  Britain-89%cashless

Britain also holds 5th position in the World's Top Five Cashless Country, thanks to its developed technology.

    6.   India-14%cashless

86% of all transactions are still in cash, that is, in our country India only nominal payment is made, which is very thoughtful.
Now you all will be thinking what the profit of cashless is, first of all we must understand that for printing this notes our billion trillion rupees are going on waste.Those Paper used in it.The same paper we get from these trees, if their will no use of notes then cutting of those trees will stopped, The second biggest advantage is that We will get rid of protecting our money Keeping money in bank accounts its keeps the security of our money.
Debit card
Nowadays every bank account, Debit card are given by bank to withdraw money from ATM on opening of bank account.Which we can also use for cashless payment, for this method we should have account in the bank, and then whenever we make any online payment using the Debit Card available for this we must remember the debit card and its password.And whenever we shop, then the swipe machine is there we can make our own payment by our self. But we should keep in mind that types the password by not telling others.Through this our money will be safe which is in the account, apart from this use of debit card can be done while sitting at home through online payment like, electricity, dish recharge, mobile made in online payments.

What is Credit card?

Often, there is a difference between the credit card and the Debit Card in the mind of the people that what the difference between both of them is, so first of all we should know that the Debit Card is given to remove the money from the account but while Credit Card Processing which gives us loan amount from bank, on which an Amount is fixed for Credit Card Payment Gateway. Which we can use in a limited periods of time. Then, after using this money, we have to pay the Credit Card, so the credit card like Debit Card is also made as online payment.
At first people use to keep the wallet in their pocket but nowadays this wallet can be kept in mobile too,knows as E-wallet.For this we should have our bank account which is important. And if you use Internet net-banking with your bank account then it is even better for us.
For E-Wallet we should have a Smartphone with net connectivity means internet facility is also important.Nowadays almost all young people have it. So go to the Play store of your mobile and you can download an app like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Novopay or Payumoney. After activating any of these apps, our mobile is ready as a mobile bank or e-Wallet.
So in which area you are leaving in find out which app the people are using the most after that only activate your E-wallet.
So let me tell you about the most used paytm at this time.
What is Paytm? And do paytm
Nowadays, you may be heard about the promotion of do Paytm in TV.After demonetization paytm has became most used mobile app nowadays.From every street to big big shopkeeper are using it.It is important to know how to use Paytm.
Paytm is the mobile app application, with the help this we used to do mobile recharge but in 2016 it’s became the E-commerce company, with the help of this now we can keep our money.
How to use paytm, how paytm will be used, how paytm is done
Paytm is one of the mobile apps which is made, anybody can understand it easily, First of all download Paytm App in your mobile.
After this, make your account in Paytm through your Mobile Number. After this, you can see all the options inside the Paytm App.In which you can see a my wallet option, In which we can deposit as much money as we can from Add Money Option from our Debit Card, Credit Card or Internet banking. Paytm deposited in Paytm Wallet Amount has now been increased to 20000 rupees due to the demonetization. Thats means now we can deposit upto 20000 rupees.
After this, when you transfer money to your Paytm Wallet, now your Paytm Online Payment is ready. Now if you go anywhere, then which shopkeeper use the Paytm or you can ask yourself Or your Paytm will help you for it For this, you go to Paytm Nearby Option of Paytm, then Location Details from all the areas which using Paytm will be in your mobile phone, so you can easily shop.
This is the biggest two benefits of Paytm. The first one is we don’t have to give any surcharge for the money used in, And the second biggest advantage is by the use of Paytm we receives Paytm Cashback on our usage by Paytm. That is, some money is also given by Paytm in our wallet for using it. And besides it we get lots of rebate by Paytm Promo Code / Paytm Offers / Paytm Coupons / Paytm Recharge / Paytm App.
And whenever you want, you can transfer money from Paytm to your bank account without visiting the bank.
Due to cash problem to you all and how you like post about how to do online payment, Or if you want any information related to it then ask in the comment box and give your opinion.

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