How To connects Adsense Ads to the Blogger

How To connects Adsense  Ads to the  Blogger

Blogspot cannot  connect Blog to the Adsense before 6 months. But by connect Blog Custom domain you can create the adsense account in 3-4 days. But problem is that we have every time we have to paste ads code. In this post I am telling you that one trick by which you can at a time add all the Adsense ad to your blog in all your posts. If you are also a blogger user than why not to try this trick.

In Blogger every  time writing your post you have to everytime paste ads code. But now I will solve 50% of this problem. Now in every post you can try to post your ad code once at the top of your all the posts. Now how you create ads in Adsence, read post in  adsence and create ads . After that follow that post. .or if you want more knowledge about adsence than you can read our other posts related to adsence.

How to connect Adsense Ads On the all the posts of Blogger.
This is very easy if you have little information about the blogger coding than you can easily do this. If you are new blogger than do this step properly or if you cannot do  than write your comment below.
Step1: Go to the dashboard of your blogger.
          1. Click on the template section.
           2. click on edit  HTML.

Step 2: Now take your mouse to the HTML box and click anywhere and search the code   data:post.body/
Step 3: Now copy this code . “Now paste your ads code here”  in plce paste your ads code.

Step 4: Now paste this code   data:post.body/paste on top before this code.

In blog template  data:post.body/ will be in place of code. We have to paste code on the  place of second code.

Change Ads Placement:
1. If you don’t want to show ads in between the post  than you can show your  ads left or right instead of centre.
2. If in your blog ads are not showing than you can try to paste your code after second  data:post.body/
3. If you want your ads to be at the end of the post than paste the code below after the  data:post.body/

I hope by these tricks given in the post you don’t have to paste your ad code again and again so please don’t ignore it share our post and also subscribe our site.

If you are a new blogger and you want the more information . You can create free blog  on the blogspot and after that read full guide post. In this post you will get information about  how to design ,how to make seo friendly and how to do fast downloading and much more. So new blogger read this most at least once.

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