How to earn money from WhatsApp - 4 Method

How To Earn Money From Whatsapp In Hindi: Whatsapp One
Duniya mesbaseeda
is popular. Talking to India is probably something like this smar
That would be
in mobile
not whatsapp Due to this popularity people
Earn money and search for ways to earn money from whatsapp

We give
To chat with and create groups
To do About one to two hours a day mail
whatsapp just passed on
See lots of extraordinary messages, photos, and videos from all time groups.

If you also have those messages, by using a little bit of your time
Much money should be paid.
This article about mobile phone marketing from Meham Whatsapp
1/2/2016 How to work with WhatsApp - 4 Easy Ways 3/17
I would like to share details.
It is very easy and easy to use.
All pays If you too
Heto this po
To the end
Follow me.
The direct link of any web page is very large, to shorten it
There are all the pages that link to the link
service to share
Almost all free service gives.
There are some of these sites, which allow you to shorten the links,
You have to shorten the link to any webpage and
share it
Whatsapp Payloads free moives, jobs
updates, viral stories, earning apps
Clicks So if you want to earn money by link short
Find and shorten their links.

Most not
link shortener sites give your payment to paypal. If so
account is not the first thing to make it first.
Link Short Steps To Make Money From Whatsapp Se Step By Step Process:
1. First join any link shortener site, which is per click
2. After that, fill out the details of your profile correctly.
3. Now pay
Checking the options that you would like to see
4. Links to shortener sites
After completing the profile,
Want to promote him to make his list? (example. viral news, downloading
updates etc ..)
5. Now from that content
find related sites
A list of web pages
6. Now make a list
Links to web pages
short u
7. Now comes the links
whatsapp for promotion
groups boat
8. If you already have lots
groups are you
If you do not have internet pay lots
Groups of links will be found

9. Show a little creativity to promote links, which may

By following this process, you can access all the links from link shorter and whatsapp
Just need to find the right content by doing a little bit of smart work and
Have to do.

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