How to earn money on whatsapp – Learn in Hindi [ Earn Up to $ 100/Month easily on mobile by home]

Whatsapp is not only for the chat, If you use it in proper way than we an also earn by whatsapp.

From this post we will learn how to earn by whatsapp?

Yes, Till today we only used whatsapp for chat to share photos and videos with the friends, so why not we use the whatsapp today for a good work to earn money. Whats app does not give you such a opportuinity  automatically but as you see people earning on facebook monthly thousands rupees in the same way we can earn from the whatsapp.

1. Android phone in which whatsapp is installed.

2. Internet connection on phone.

If you are reading this post than both the thinks are should be available with you.
How to earn by watsapp?
The same way we forward  message on watsapp and share information  in groups in the same way we have to share some message and information which will give us money.

There well be nothing wrong beause I will tell you how this is possible . I myself have earned income  last month $ 100 by the watsapp.

First of all you to increases whats app contacts  you have contact with more and more people . For this the best idea  Is not add  more and more groups. In one group we can add 256 people now.

Do you have notice that we on facebook or any other social networking sites  we see that people mostly update the status that  I am making hacking group or  I am making group on watsapp to earn money  and to join comment your number and people  quickly send thee number in the comments.
So friends let me tell you those are hackers  anf ot the online trainer or earner  those are only  the part of this method.

Don’t be shock , If your connected to this blog so than I will introduce you to many thinks which you see in your life and you don’t know the reason behind this and when you came to know you will be not shocked but  you will be upset.

So  Lets not waste our time and move forward to our topic.

Till now you have already getted to know how to  increase the contacts on whatsapp and I have given you the example of the facebook so you can do the same way.

What to do afterwards?

What  to do afterwards  to tell you that ,before that I want to tell you that  to earn money on whatsapp  you have to  send the message  but that message should not be the normal . in that messages there should be links, There will be advertisement also but we will send this in a way that the person from other side will not come to know and we will also get the results.

To earn money from the whatsapp we can go to flipkart or amazon sites as a publisher ,we can sign up  and we can share there products with our friends and can earn commission.

In starting days I have done same thinks with the flipkart and earn $55 in one month and later on I left and than I started a new think which we called a URL shortening   because in this we don’t have to sell anythink.

Ist Method:
If you want to go with the flipkart or amazon than go with the flipkart because its easy. May be it will ask you for your website but don’t worry by reading   the given below link  you can make your website in 1 hour.
After that to send the message talk to your friends about any of the product , show your interest  and there interest will be build . You can sale anythink, (Shoes, books, headphones and so many other accessories.)
To sign up on flipkart signup on this click here.


Lets assume you want to sell shoes on the flikart than simpley talk with your friend that brother I have look for the shoes online cool and cheap. There is the option of home deliver and  payment after delivery. I am going to order will you also want to order. Believe me you will get 60% result from this. Now if they say yes than give your affiliate link to them from where they will buy the shoes, they will get there shoes and you will get your commission.
In the same way you can do with same many other products. By the way there is the trend of online shopping these days so than you can earn top and good income.

Is in it Interesting.

2nd Method

But some brothers are like this which do not want to sell  they use this steps to earn from the watsapp . I also use this mehod these days.

Which mehod to select  ,this depends on your contact and on the interest . You can also try bth of them at atime.

Now we will  learn  how to shorten URL and use to earn money on wats app

First click on he below clink to register yourself.
To join click here.

After that verify your email and your profile update.  From here you will get money from the paypal  which is $5 . If you don’t have the account in the paypal than create account free on  first you will get the money in the Paypal account than the paypal will trasfer your money to the Indian bank account.

Now we will start our main work.

Now what to do, you have to search Any trending news on the internet, funny news or video  and than copy the link. Only you have to copy you don’t have to send what we used to do before. Here we use the trick.

Now  that your URl  in which you have make your URl shoren that URL In the short URL box. You can past the URL in box to shorten the URL by clicking on the shorten URL button. Now it will give you the small shorten link.

Ist screenshot

2nd  screenshot

Now what to do ..?
Suppose you have any latest  news  link than you don’t have to send diret short  link. First you have to right short message regarding the news for full details ckick on the below link and the link given below will be your shorten link..

Important notice : Never send your link without message than people will not take interest either will not click on the link,, but if  you will give the small link message  than they will  get excited  and will click on the link.
Where from the money come from ?
It is the best question . If you are learning to earn money from the whatsapp than  its important you have to learn about the everythink. You know about the flipkart than you know that if you have read this full post than you know that if you sell you will get the commission.

And  what is in this URL shorten . when ever click on the URL if there will be add show for 5 second and than after skiping the ad you can see the news or video.
And this ad gives us the money first ,it gives money to the advertising company to run the ads  and than company distributes the share among us.

Average we can earn 15$ on 1000 click.

This link only not you can share on the whatapp but on also ther sites like facebook Twitter  Group ‘s Google + instragram , Pinterest etc..

Don’t send the  link again and agin otherwise people will  think it iis spam . so it is better to do genuine thinks send without links as well.

So how you like this that how to earn on whatsapp  - Do comment below your Guidenace and Feedback.

Last and finally words

Friends the methods I have share here are both trusted and verified. And are verified so you can start without any tension. And this also right for a new person the problems arise in starting and who go through these problems  that person becomes hero in the coming time. And who so ever leave due to fear becomes the zero.

But if your are getting any problem you don’t have to worry or think negative  , you can send your problem in comments ad we will help you full because friends my target is to help my readers to learn how to earn money online successfully  and which is not possible without your support

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