What Is Bounce Rate ?: How to do this work (Reduce 40%)

What Is Bounce Rate  How to do this work (Reduce 40%)

If you are a blogger, you want to learn SEO then you need to know about the bounce rate.
Bounce rate is a percentage that depends on the traffic. If you are taking too much time in the traffic on the website, then the bounce rate very low here.
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1 What is Bounce Rate? (What is Bounce Rate?)

2 Check the Bounce Rate (How to check Bounce Rate?)

3 How do I buy a good Bounce Rate?

4 1. Website Design should make good

5 2. Use Related Posts

6 3. Use Multimedia

7 4. All post should connect an internal link to the post.

8 5. Browser Compatibility

9 6. Write Best Content

10 7. Make Website Mobile Friendly Design

11 8. Write Content 1000+ words

12 9. Focus on SEO

13 Now it's Your Turn

What is the rate of bounce. (What is Bounce Rate?)

The visitor who visit your web site, and how much time he stay to visit our website.
That is the percentage depends 
How much the bounce rate will be low that is very good for us.
If any visitor visit your website and open for 1 second or 10 seconds then he will close it, then the bounce rate will be very high. If the bounce rate is very high then the website percentage will be decrease slowly step by step. 

(Low Bounce Rate = Best Website Ranking)
How to Check the Bounce Rate (How to check Bounce Rate?)
You can check the bounce rate by Google Analytic bounce rate. If your website is not connect with Analytic then connect now. And now your website for per/day how much traffic is coming you will come to know everything.

One good bounce rate how much should be?
If you are writing a good content, then the Bounce Rate can be up to 40%. You can earn and All blogger's bounce rate is up to 40% less than that.

The average bounce rate is up to 50% only.

1.Make Website Design more better and good

The new blogger in there website they make a mistake. There website design is not good

Proper website navigation you should do, Choose a simple and easy theme you should use

 2. Use Related Posts

In your blog page put the widget to the related posts. You can also put in the last blog page . by putting the widget its effect in your bounce rate too.
Is this your bounce rate?
If your website is in a word process then you can with the help of plugin you can add widget for your website . In Word Process for Popular Posts

3. Use Multimedia

It is the best tricks to decrease the bounce rate. Make your content more interesting.
In your content try to add more and more Multimedia.

Note:  In the content there should must be one video and 5, 6  image should use.

 4. For every post connect with the an internal link.

For all Post connect with the old or previous post.
For example: I have done one post and I have a linked to my old post.
So that Traffic will give more time to stay or visit our website.
Note: In every post Add 5-10 internal links to your post.

 5. Browser Compatibility

You should check that your website will support  all the browser or not. Like,

Internet Explorer
There are many website does not support all the browser or the server, It is important to check it that your themes is supporting all browser or not.

Slow down the Website Speed
This problem was faced by my website. In the starting its was took just 12 seconds to open it.
So that reason my bounce rate was reached 100%. And that the reason also . dropped the number of website ranking to very low.

Note: If your bounce rate is increased to high then the Alaska as well, increase very high too.

  6. Write Best Content

If you do not have any useful content, in your website. Then the visitor will close very soon. And the reason will be your bounce rate will increase as well.
So that while writing the content you should keep in mind in that the visitors should feel good to read
While writing the content you should focus on the main main point more and more and also focus on your topic.

 7. Make Website Mobile Friendly Design

Make your website mobile friendly design so that, you can use all your devices (Mobile, Tablet, Computer) which support your website.
If you want to make custom website then you can use Bootstrap to import it.
In the survey we found that 70% public users are mobile phone internet access. Thats why we c\should make mobile friendly design important

 8. Write Content 1000+ words

In a survey has been found that if you have a 1000+ word content,if we are writing then you have a chance to rank it very high.
If we write long content there is more advantage like
You can use more keywords in the long content.
You can use more LSI. in the long content.
Traffic will stay in your website more and more time, then the bounce rate will be very low.

 9. Focus on SEO

If the bounce rate is low SEO play the very important role to decrease the bounce rate.
There are two types of SEO
In Details you have to read both types of SEO.
So read carefully about SEO and always follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines
Now it's Your Turn
These all tips are very helpful in your website to decrease the Bounce Rate.
If you have any questions to ask , please reply to the comment box.
You connect with our social media and give the  suggestion or ask the question.

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