Coronavirus tracker: Daily trends, state wise Covid-19 cases

Coronavirus tracker: Daily trends, state wise Covid-19 cases

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Coronavirus tracker: Daily patterns, state shrewd Covid-19 cases, patients relieved and that's only the tip of the iceberg 

Covid19 tracker: As many new novel coronavirus cases keep on getting announced each day, IndiaToday presents to you a day by day tracker on coronavirus cases in India to give an inside and out information examination on this wellbeing crisis. 

he coronavirus flare-up in India is spreading quickly with several new cases being accounted for consistently from states the nation over. The size of this wellbeing crisis is with the end goal that the whole nation has been put under a 21-day lockdown. In the 10 days between March 10 and 20, the quantity of individuals in India who tried positive for Covid-19, the sickness brought about by novel coronavirus, bounced from 50 to 196. Also, by March 25, it further rose to 606. Of these 606 patients, 43 patients have recuperated following treatment, while 10 have kicked the bucket. 

India, as most nations, is as of now doing combating its most exceedingly awful wellbeing crisis in quite a few years. The weight on the nation's medicinal services framework and the economy by and large is monstrous as the whole nation is under a lockdown. 

To help clarify the size of coronavirus episode in India, is normally examining key information and patterns identified with this wellbeing crisis. We bring to you this top to bottom examination and a day by day tracker on Covid-19 cases in India. 

State shrewd course of events of Covid-19 cases 

The land spread of coronavirus flare-up in India has now reached out to 25 states and Union Territories with Manipur and Mizoram being the most recent to report Covid-19 cases. 

The first Covid-19 case in Quite a while was accounted for on January 30 in Kerala's Thrissur locale. The patient, an understudy concentrating in Wuhan, China (the focal point of the novel coronavirus pandemic), had get back by virtue of the Lunar New Year merriments in China.

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